SofL Camp Team


This one’s for those of you who like to PRAY! We’re asking for it. Lots of it. Here’s this year’s Signs of Love camp leaders (Jessie, Daniel, Orlan, Robin, Yenni, Vicenta, Nancy, Eduin). Today we’ll start receiving the incredible 23 volunteers who will be coming from the USA and Canada to help us pull off our 16th Annual Deaf Camp! We’re trusting the power of His strength to come through us in ways that will reach hearts like never before!!!!! Please join us on this remarkable journey through your prayers.

Pray for One Another

Loss is a horrible part of life that God never intended for His beloveds to experience. But since we are on this side of the Fall, it is a painful reality and reminder that we were not created for this world.
It is a beautiful picture when God uses the Church, His body on this earth to minister to and comfort those who morn. That is exactly what He did in the lives of these 4 this past Sunday at Deaf church!13669008_10154076364708551_4388096367896525888_n

Hide His Word in Your Heart

We have been memorizing verses related to the fruit of the spirit with some of the hearing children in some of the villages. After a few of the teen girls memorized the verse and got their reward they began teaching the younger children. This young woman is teaching John 15:12, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

“Light Light Book?”

…asks this 3 year old every Sunday at church as he crawls onto my lap with his children’s bible. The first page of his Bible is the first day of creation when God created the light.
It was one of those instances when you giggle at the cuteness of the child’s new name for the Bible and at the same time realize how sometimes children have it way more figured out than adults. Isn’t that exactly what the Bible is? A story of God breaking through the darkness of this world to bringing light and glory. Words of encouragement and hope and love and truth that have the power to make the darkness of this world flee!13482988_10154005029008551_585226369267319363_o

Prayers of a child

“J” is extremely fortunate to have a community of older deaf children that he gets to be with and learn language from everyday. This is out of the norm for most deaf in Honduras.
When asked who wanted to pray as we began our lesson, his little hand shot up way before all the older students! The innocent prayers of a child, so beautiful!

Wielding our Swards

Last week the deaf learned more about how to wield their sword in their Armor of God.
Nancy played the accusing role of the Enemy speaking common lies and the students took turns picking Bible verses to refute the lies with Truth that were pinned to bean bags and hurling them at the lies.
This one was a verse they memorized at camp last year. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)