Gracias & Adios (for now…)

On the eve of our departure from Honduras, I reflect on the people, moments and experiences that defined our time and shaped us as people.

I have is gratitude for every joyful, sad, fun, and challenging moment that I experienced in this land because I know it made me a better person and I pray that took more ground for the Kingdom!

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Maya’s got an announcement…

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In August, Daniel & Jessie will be transitioning out of Honduras.

Since we first moved to Honduras, it has been our goal to “work ourselves out of a job.” And when our 2 year commitment turned into 8.5 years in Honduras we are confident that we gave everything we had to give to the deaf in Honduras. In our efforts for SofL to be a self-sustaining body of believers, disciples making disciples, we feel it is time for them to continue more independently and for us to move on.

We are excited to see SofL’s ministry to the deaf continue through the Deaf Honduran leaders as they apply all that they have learned over the years and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for the leaders as they take on even greater responsibility of reaching their own people with the gospel and for Robin as she continues to shepherd and empower them

We will be spending the next 6 months to a year and a half in Chile! This time will be one of transitioning: processing through our nearly 9 years in Honduras, seeking healing and restoration and personal care as well as planning for the future by seeking out Jesus for vision for our next long term assignment after Chile and preparing trainings for both Honduras, possibly Chile, and where we are called next.

There are a lot of unknowns we are trusting Jesus to work out and lead us in the coming years! We look forward to a visit to the States before our next long term assignment and hope to see each of you!

Thank you for continuing to journey with us as we seek to point the unreached deaf around the world to Jesus!

Reminiscing…New Beginnings

We left for the program extra early because there have been a lot of protests over the past month. Thankfully we passed all the bridges where the protests have been taking place before the protesters even woke up! Arriving early to the program, I began reminiscing about the deaf couple that had also arrived early. The husband has been part of SofL’s programs since he was very small when Robin found him playing in the river behind his home. He has faithful attended over the years, always with a heart to follow Jesus, even when it wasn’t the popular thing to do. The wife we had found 6 years ago and had been on a roller coaster ride with.

Finding her in a really hard situation.

Praying passionately for months for an “out” for her.

Her finding her “out” but us not knowing where she was.

Then fining here again months later.

Her learning language with SofL.

Deciding to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus at a leadership camp and being baptized that same day.

And then meeting the young deaf man, dating, marrying and celebrating the 1st birthday of their sweet baby girl a couple months ago!

It has truly been an honor to be part of the highs and lows of their lives!


At that moment a young woman and small girl in a pretty pink dress got out of a tuktuk.

“We’re here because she is deaf. Is this the right places?”, said the mom.

A deaf woman from one of our programs from another village was visit family near her home and when she found out the little girl was deaf told them about us. The mom was sharing about all that they had been through from her birth to learning she was deaf until then and I was talking to her mom about the importance of sign language and pointed to all the deaf happily sharing their thoughts with one another that had surrounded us. It felt like we had been in a bubble together so focused on her daughters story and the struggled they had been through, that we virtually unaware of all the deaf that had arrived. She looked up for the first time taking in all that was around us and she began to cry. I asked what was going on and she said that she hasn’t felt such hope and love in a long time. The hope of what her daughter could be, could have, was being lived out right before her eyes.

As the program continues little bit received a name sign, learned several basic signs and laughed and laughed. Before they left, all the deaf adults (some of which have been part of SofL for 19 years) engulfed them in hugs and happy wishes to see them soon. And both mom and daughter left with hearts full of love, acceptance, and hope for the future!IMG_4072

Thank you Frank, Holly, Alicia, Michael, Rebecca, Leslee, and Kaitlyn for all your help at the Allies Against Slavery Christmas Market in Austin, Texas!


Thank you also to Jessica and Retail Therapy for hosting a Presents with Purpose event!

If you would like to host your own event to support the deaf artisans in Honduras, let us know and we’ll send you everything you need! Or check out our Etsy Store to purchase online!


The Weight of the Word

She had never held a book before and here she was holding THE book. THE Word of God. Could she feel the weight, the power, the love exuding from within? She pointed to every person and thing turning around expectantly to learn the sign for everything! She was eager to learn language, eager to learn the Word of God!