The past 2 months…

Wow! The past 2 months have flown by for us! We are looking forward to the next two months before we leave with Daniel’s birthday, visits to both our families, the end of the semester and the Spurs season in full swing.

Here are a few things we would for you to join us in praying for:
*Pray that the best teacher would be selected for Jessie’s class and a smooth transition as Jessie turns it over to him/her
* Pray for Daniel as he balances the busyness of the season and preparation to move
* Pray for the hearts of the Deaf in Honduras and the people we will interact with
* Pray for spiritual and emotional preparation
* Pray for our marriage to grow strong
* Pray that our financial goals would be reached
* Pray for Jeff and Robin as they press on in the ministry that they are doing among the Deaf in Honduras now

Your continued prayers and support are so appreciated!