Our Class

"school" in Honduran Sign

School started Monday, Valentines Day, or as they call it here, dia del amor y la amistad (day of love and friendship). The class is much larger than I’m use to but I’m learning to be creative in many aspects of this new teaching position! (We got about 5 new students today not pictured and I suspect we will get more before the end of the week.)

First Day of School

I have an amazing assistant from Signs of Love, a deaf woman named Amanda and we are looking forward to working with Ana Louisa, a teacher that has been at the school but has never worked with the deaf.  She has the youngest children that don’t know sing language yet. Amanda is spending a lot of time teaching her Honduran Sign (Lesho) and helping with the young ones until Ana Louis picks it up.

Amanda & Ana Louisa

our classroom