Piece of Cake

A couple things happened last week at school that really made me proud. (It’s the little things, that mean so much!)

1) I “caught” Ana Luisa, the teacher that I am working with, sharing an teaching strategy that I shared with her with another teacher and then later that day they together shared it with a struggling parent.   This is huge considering most of what I do in my class the teachers either think is unnecessary (yeah, we really don’t need those tests), too much work, or just plain silly (too many hand on activities and not enough copying apparently)! Ana Luisa is the exception and loves learning and I love learning with her!

Ana Luisa teaching a vocabulary lesson

2)  The man that takes care of the lawn at the school happened to come on a week day (typically only there on the weekends) and was working during recreation time at school.  One of my students accidentally kicked their soccer ball and hit him.  My student quickly rushed over and apologized.  The man responded by stabbing the ball with the machete he was working with.  I’ve been trying to teach the students to not respond to anger with anger and to not respond to teasing with teasing and so on…so this was a great real life adult example (not!). The boys returned to me with a deflated ball and deflated spirits that their new ball (that the camp teams brought) only lasted a few weeks.   We returned to class for a birthday celebration.  One of the students brought in cake.  Everyone was served a piece and there was plenty left over.  Ana Luisa suggest we share with the school staff.  Each student took turns serving cake to the directors, cleaning women and therapists.  There was one piece left and the man cutting the lawn walked by the window at that moment. The student that hit him in the head with the ball jokingly said, “We could give a piece to him!” pointing to the man.  To his surprise I handed him the piece of cake and pointed to the man out the window.  He accepted, and nicely walked the piece of cake out to the man that had busted his soccer ball just an hour earlier.  To say the least the man was a little taken aback.

Dia de Lempira

(July 20th)

Lempira was the 6th-century ruler of the indigenous Lenca people , who is renowned in Honduran folklore for leading the (ultimately unsuccessful) local native resistance against the Spanish conquistador forces. He is a national hero, and is now the Honduran currency as well.

One tradition that the school participated in was “India Bonita” (or “Beautiful Indian”) pageant.  One girl and one boy were chosen as “best little indian” by the cheers of the crowd.  Little Alison of our class got second place.


Roxana, Cristian, Rubis

Several classes did dramas and native dances.

don't laugh at our costumes now! (The man, Felipa, the priest)

A Special Thanks

…to the three amazing interns that helped us so much at school! My class and I will miss you greatly! Thanks for your ideas, your time, your creativity, your patience, your humor, and your love!




Language School in Guatemala

Daniel, Elise (a Signs of Love summer volunteer), and I took a bus to Guatemala for language school.  The Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua is where Robin went to learn her spanish 12 years ago and was highly recommended for their one-on-one teaching and teaching to the student’s learning styles.  We took classes in the morning and had the afternoons to study and check out Antigua and the surrounding areas.

We found some cute cafes to study in with yummy pastries and coffee.

One afternoon we hiked Volcano Picaya.

Staying with a host family was a great opportunity to constantly practice the spanish and to get experience the culture.  A group of 5 medical students studying spanish also stayed with us.

They had a little “graduation” ceremony at the end of the week.:)

Our last night there we had the opportunity to celebrate our anniversary with a special dinner.

It was a great week to get away, have fun, and learn but we are anxious to finally get back to our “normal” schedules and work after a busy summer!

More pictures here.


Signs of Love had its 11th Annual Deaf camp in La Ceiba June 24-26th.  Eighty-four deaf children and siblings attended from all over the northern coast of Honduras.  For many of these people it is the highlight of the year and is greatly anticipated!

The week before 2 teams from the States comprised of people from California, Arizona, Texas, and Massachusetts along with the SofL leaders visited 7 villages and my school to give a preview of camp and do language programs.

Lucila practicing the 10 Commandments at the school program

Amanda and Orlan teaching

the children loved the funny dramas

The people that attended the village programs the week before were then bussed into La Ceiba for 3 days of camp.  Everyone had a blast with art projects, games, funny dramas, sign language programs, the big soccer game in the rain, and bible stories and dramas.


Daniel & Jessie teaching at one of the language stations

Robin & Jeff signing "obey", part of the camp theme

water games

Elise explaining bible drama

leap frog


The local television stations even came out to check it out which was a great way to continue to expose the community to the ministry.

It was great to see the Deaf leaders really step up this year and play a huge role in every aspect of camp!

Fanny helping with art

Amanda, Nancy, Fanny & Orlan doing bible dramas

Marvin teaching sign language

Orlan the clown

More photos from camp here!

More photos from teams/village programs here!