Signs of Love had its 11th Annual Deaf camp in La Ceiba June 24-26th.  Eighty-four deaf children and siblings attended from all over the northern coast of Honduras.  For many of these people it is the highlight of the year and is greatly anticipated!

The week before 2 teams from the States comprised of people from California, Arizona, Texas, and Massachusetts along with the SofL leaders visited 7 villages and my school to give a preview of camp and do language programs.

Lucila practicing the 10 Commandments at the school program

Amanda and Orlan teaching

the children loved the funny dramas

The people that attended the village programs the week before were then bussed into La Ceiba for 3 days of camp.  Everyone had a blast with art projects, games, funny dramas, sign language programs, the big soccer game in the rain, and bible stories and dramas.


Daniel & Jessie teaching at one of the language stations

Robin & Jeff signing "obey", part of the camp theme

water games

Elise explaining bible drama

leap frog


The local television stations even came out to check it out which was a great way to continue to expose the community to the ministry.

It was great to see the Deaf leaders really step up this year and play a huge role in every aspect of camp!

Fanny helping with art

Amanda, Nancy, Fanny & Orlan doing bible dramas

Marvin teaching sign language

Orlan the clown

More photos from camp here!

More photos from teams/village programs here!


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