Language School in Guatemala

Daniel, Elise (a Signs of Love summer volunteer), and I took a bus to Guatemala for language school.  The Christian Spanish Academy in Antigua is where Robin went to learn her spanish 12 years ago and was highly recommended for their one-on-one teaching and teaching to the student’s learning styles.  We took classes in the morning and had the afternoons to study and check out Antigua and the surrounding areas.

We found some cute cafes to study in with yummy pastries and coffee.

One afternoon we hiked Volcano Picaya.

Staying with a host family was a great opportunity to constantly practice the spanish and to get experience the culture.  A group of 5 medical students studying spanish also stayed with us.

They had a little “graduation” ceremony at the end of the week.:)

Our last night there we had the opportunity to celebrate our anniversary with a special dinner.

It was a great week to get away, have fun, and learn but we are anxious to finally get back to our “normal” schedules and work after a busy summer!

More pictures here.


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