A Tremendos Team

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

When you are surrounded by so much “need” it’s easy to feel like you aren’t really making a difference…that you are only “one drop” to a thirsty world.  As our “team” grows and we are growing with one another we are blessed to see the ocean of impact we can be together.

Joy, our newest staff member (see blog here), is a social worker from Texas.  She is creating a self empowerment curriculum and working on the development of community programs to promote sign language and awareness of the Deaf.  She comes to the school 2 times a week and works in small groups. She is also training Nancy, one of the Deaf leaders, to run the programs and it is beautiful to see her take leading these younger deaf!

Joy working with a small group

Nancy leading one of the small groups

Below is a neat video of one of my students (Genesis) and Amanda.  Amanda has been teaching the “12 Truths” (as they have come to call them).  It is the 12 basic truths of Christianity from God creating heaven and earth to Jesus will return to judge all people.  Genesis learned these in just 2 weeks! It’s yet another beautiful picture of the Deaf leaders teaching the younger Deaf in the community.

Daniel has also started helping in class once a week with the goal of developing relationship particularly with the boys and learning more sign language.  Many of the boys don’t have any kind of Godly example in their homes.

Daniel practicing subtraction with a small group

Lastly, a praise for the 5 students from the school that have started attending the deaf church.  They are truly the future of the deaf church here in La Ceiba! Please pray that their hearts would be overwhelmed with God’s love for them and that they would grow in knowledge and obedience to Him!


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