Flag Day

….in the United States is June 14 (I had to look that one up on wikipedia). What did you all do to celebrate the last Flag Day?  It can’t be better than how we got to celebrate Flag Day here in Honduras (September 1st).

A heavily celebrated day in Honduras, Flag Day, began at 4:50 am with gun shots,  at least thats what I thought I was waking up to.  I realized that after it continued for half an hour we were in the middle of a coup or they were fireworks.  It clicked, Flag Day! Of course, why else would we shoot fireworks off at 5:00 in the morning!

All the school children had their little Honduran flags in hand as they walked to school. Once at school we all lined up and waited 45 minutes for them to rig a string to raise the Honduran flag as it probably hasn’t been raised at the school since last September. They had a presentation about the meaning of the flag and having respect for it and then we sang the national anthem.

My class was apparently on display (I was informed just minutes before) to lead the national anthem for the school, yikes! (A little scary considering none of the deaf knew the national anthem 6 months ago!) Just last week we were asked to sign the national anthem to start of the independence day parade, September 15th, (quite the honor I must say) and apparently this was our test run! I love when they give me heads up on things!:)

Stay tuned for more about our independence day march, it’s gonna be good! They’ve got us wearing white button-down shirts, blue gloves, hats, and pants and little ribbon ties, and yes that includes the teachers. That’s gotta make for a few funny pictures of Amanda and I! We’ve been practicing so much the I have the Honduran national anthem stuck in my head for at least 20 hours a day (yes I dream about it too)!

our door decoration for flag day made by Zuly and Ana Luisa (while I taught the class...ha!)


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