Moto for Mauricio

Alison is the youngest deaf student at the school in La Ceiba, Honduras. She’s precious and has quite the personality! At age three she has been identified as deaf in one ear and blind in one eye.  This is a very young age for identification in Honduras and because of this and her family’s love she already has the opportunity to go to school and learn sign language.  Her parents, Mauricio and Zenia, care for her dearly and travel on their motorcycle 30 minutes from a nearby village to bring her to school everyday.  They are also some of the only parents that have been to every sign class we have had.  That is until their moto was stolen at gunpoint.  Mauricio was out buying food for Alison’s mother after finding out she had diabetes and needed to be careful what she ate.

This family has remained positive and reliant on God throughout this whole process.

Please consider supporting this family to buy a new motorcycle so they can continue working at their jobs and for Alison to be able to attend school and have language.


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