¡Adios Guatemala!

Well our time in Guatemala has come to an end and we head back to Honduras this weekend.

Just wanted to share some photos from our trip.

Colorful market

The local restaurants had a competition to see which waiters and waitresses could race around the city with a tray and drinks on it.

Poinsettias at Lake Atitlan. 

Joy was the bride in a demonstration of local wedding traditions. 

Learning to make tortillas. 

Learning to grind coffee by hand.

Daniel receiving his diploma from his teacher.

Thanks to Lizyda, my teacher, for all her patience with me!

Blurry photo of Thanksgiving dinner with other students from the school at a German pub (the only place in the city serving turkey), ha!

We were blessed to have this time to focus on language and use it in different cultural contexts, but are ready to get back to our work with the Deaf in Honduras.  We’ve got a lot going on the next few weeks! Your prayer are greatly appreciated!


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