more tragic news…

Robin’s mother, Steve Reed, and Steve Holtrust (2 close friends and Signs of Love board members) arrived in San Pedro Sula Sunday.  Joy and Jessie (Signs of Love staff) returned to La Ceiba that night after beign with Robin in the hospital.  Monday morning we went to our first Christmas village program with somber hearts but knowing that what Jeff and Robin wanted is for the ministry that they so deeply loved to go on.  As we were returning from the village, we received a call informing us that as Robin, her mother and the 2 friends were driving to Tegucigalpa when, Steve Holtrust (who was driving), was shot and killed.  The car spun out and everyone else in the car was left uninjured but are extremely shaken.  They are currently working on the logistics.

We don’t understand these horrible circumstances and our hearts ache for the loss of these two amazing men.  We are praying for trust in God and for these two families and communities.  We would appreciate your prayers for these families as well as the communities that love Jeff and Steve so dearly!

Thank you.


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