Help us complete our class!

In the rural villages of Honduras, Deaf children do not have any options to receive a good education. Their parents can choose to put them in the hearing school in the village, but typically that is not effective as the Deaf child has no way of understanding the teacher. Not only that, most Deaf in the rural villages have very minimal sign language skills, and therefore they are not able to communicate efficiently with schoolmates or teachers. Even more devastating, they struggle to communicate with their own families.

The only school for the Deaf in the northern coast of Honduras is in the city of La Ceiba, where Signs of Love headquarters is located. In this school, Emilia D’Cuire, Signs of Love has provided a teacher to the Deaf who is able to properly and effectively instruct these children in their own language (LESHO).

We have recently become aware of at least 3 Deaf children (possibly even 6), who live about an hour outside of the city whose parents want them to have the opportunity to receive a good education at Emilia D’Cuire. However, these families are very poor and do not have the funds necessary for transportation to and from school. We feel as though our class is not quite complete without them!

The cost for transportation for each child is approximately 700 USD per school year. Therefore, for all 6 children, we would need to raise approximately 4,200 USD. If we are able to raise this money, these precious ones would be given an opportunity to: learn their own language, interact with other Deaf children, and receive an education that is conducive to their specific needs.

Please help complete our class by getting these children to school!!

Mail Checks to Signs of Love, PO Box 3852, Apple Valley, CA 92307

Be sure and write “school” in the memo line!


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First Day of School

It has been a busy week, the first week of school always is!

We have 5 brand new students! Which means no language, no relationship, and no

attention span! (Yet that is! It will come, as we say here “poco a poco”) That brings us to a grand total of 26 students ages 3-22! It is all hands on deck for the Sigs of Love staff at the school this week!

I’d like to introduce you to our newest students:

Meet Jonathan!

Meet Blanca Luz! (More on her in a later post…)

Meet William!

Meet Casto!

Meet Erick!

It is so neat to get to see the rich deaf culture come out as it is explicitly taught to the new students (receiving sign names, learning that all the hand waving has meaning, ect).

Please pray for each of these precious students and for the opportunities that they have in getting to go to school, a rare opportunity for most deaf in Honduras! Also, please pray for the teachers that work with these special children!

(All photos by the talented Jon Tan.)