Volunteer teachers needed in Honduras!

Who? All teachers of the Deaf (or special ed. teachers)!

Where? Northern Honduras, Central America

What? Teach deaf children and train teachers to teach the Deaf

When? Whenever you can come, ASAP! Minimum 2-month commitment.

Why? Signs of Love is an organization serving the rural Deaf along the northern coast of Honduras.  We have made a commitment to work in the deaf classroom in the local special needs school for three years.  We hope to provide more opportunities for these Deaf and to train future leaders to work with the other 70 Deaf people we serve in rural villages who do not have access to education.  We currently have one North American teacher in a classroom with 25 Deaf students ages 3-21, with two Honduran women assisting. We are looking for someone to commit to working in the classroom for the Deaf and training teachers in both the villages and the city for a period of 2 months or more. This is a nonpaying, volunteer position. Please consider making a difference in the lives of theses precious Deaf children!

For more information e-mail me at jessalyn.fox@gmail.com or fill out an interest form here.


One thought on “Volunteer teachers needed in Honduras!

  1. Hello! I am so excited to hear about the work you are doing in Honduras! I would not be available this year, but I find this to be a great opportunity to keep in mind for the future. Do volunteers need to know Spanish or Honduran Sign Language? Do you teach the students in Honduran Sign Language or ASL? Are their resources to learn their native language?
    Thank you!

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