We finally completed a very big project: making a DVD of the LESHO (Honduran Sign Language) dictionary.  Sample here:

We are excited to be able to give these out to the community and families of the deaf so more people can communicate with them!

Here is one story that has already come from it:

We gave the first DVD to our youngest student, Alison, (seen in the photo) because it was her family that inspired us to create it.  Today in school I got to spend a lot of time with her.  Typically she only signs eat and very rarely help, but today she was copying nearly everything I signed and eagerly repeated a lot of what was explicitly taught.  When her dad came to pick her up I mentioned how eager she was to communicate and he said it was because when they put the DVD in last night she was fascinated!  She motioned for her mom and dad to come sit with her and tried to have them copy every sign they saw on their computer! If they didn’t sign it just right she would move their hands in the correct motion for them. How cute!

photo by Jon Tan (http://www.jontheroad.com/)


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