Birthday fun!


Amanda, one of our Honduran workers, had a birthday March 6th and Jessie’s birthday was March 13th.


Moises, our newest student at the school, enjoying some of Amanda's cake!

It's customary to get an egg cracked on your head on your birthday. Sometimes it's a real egg and other times it's confetti filled!

Hondurans don't like really sweet things so Joy made Amanda banana pudding for her birthday to celebrate with the staff.

Fanny, Amanda, and Kathryn worked so hard on this fun balloon mural!

Celebrating with the kids at school! I miss seeing these kids everyday!

Honduran chinese food for dinner. 🙂

Amaretto/strawberry cake by Daniel...the looks have much to be desired, but it tasted yummy! (Granny, Daniel said he has a whole new respect for what you do after trying to frost a cake for the first time)

And I got lots of special cards and e-mails from so many of you! Thanks to each one of you that made it so special even from afar!


One thought on “Birthday fun!

  1. Missed you for your birthday. Thanks to Dr. Pfanner for giving you a hug from your Mom. No matter how old you get I still miss having you around to celebrate with! Love ya!!
    Your MOM

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