We had the first of 6 mini-camps (one for each village we work in) with the children from Tosca.  The Deaf in the villages are very isolated, and rarely have opportunities to interact with one another. Because they are often surrounded by hearing people who do not know sign, it is very difficult for them to learn sign, as well as to retain the signs that they learn in our monthly village programs. The mini camp is three days of learning sign language, going on adventures, doing lots of activities that make them feel really good about themselves, and building relationships!

Grocery shopping scavenger hunt. Learning numbers and food signs.

Jump for joy! Trip to the local park.

Joy (our social worker) put together amazing empowerment activities for low language deaf. These are their body silhouettes surrounded by things they like.

It wouldn't be a real Honduran camp without soccer!

Fun at the beach! It was the first time for these kids to see the beach!

Baking cookies. While taking lots of picture to use to teach sequencing and cooking verbs at the next village program.

Deaf leaders teaching God's word.

"God made you special and you are loved by God!"


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