Teacher Training in the Villages

As part of the community deaf awareness programs, we are finding teachers in the villages that are interested in learning how to teach the deaf.  Below is a photo of our first teacher training in the village of Tosca.  Erika already has one of our deaf kiddos in her class! I was very grateful to my amazing interpreters, Diana and Laura, that helped me train this teacher to visit the homes of each deaf person in her village and teach sign language!

She asked us to come back to teach some sign language to her class.

We had fun with it too!

And Melkin (her deaf student) and Nancy (one of our deaf staff members) gave each student a sign name to use in the class.

Afterwards we got some more time to practice some basic sings that Erika is learning to teach the families of the deaf in her village.

We are hoping to find one teacher in each of the villages we work in.  They will be trained and sent out to work with the deaf and their families on a more frequent basis than what we are able to do now (monthly). We are so excited to see how this grows!

Please pray that we would be lead to the right people to train and that they would develop a love for these precious children!


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