Party with a Purpose!

Throwing a party this summer?

Looking for something to do with a youth group or bible study group?

Why not throw a Party with a Purpose? Have fun and support a good cause at the same time!


In the rural villages of northern Honduras, there are Deaf children and adults who have never been given an opportunity to learn their language. Without a language, they cannot communicate their basic needs and desires, nor are they able to communicate their feelings, thoughts, and aspirations.

This is where Signs of Love comes in. We work in six rural villages, teaching the Deaf their language. We have the incredible privilege and honor of giving the Deaf a voice.

What you do?

At your next get-together get creative! Have a raffle, bake sale, head shaving incentive, whatever you can think of to raise $150.  That will cover the cost of 1 program in 1 village for 1 month. (More information about where to mail the check can be found on the brochure above or you can do it through PayPal with “village program” and your e-mail written in the “special instruction” box.)

What we do?

We use your support to travel to a rural village in Honduras, gather the deaf, teach language and God’s truth, love on them and take pictures.  Then we will e-mail you photos of the program that you made possible to share with your group! (Be sure and include your e-mail address with your donation.)

Help us get the word out about this opportunity in your churches, schools, and offices by printing out the brochures here and have a Party with a Purpose!

Thank you for partnering with Signs of Love to change the world, one life at a time!

(All donations are tax deductible.)

Tosca Mini Camp Follow-up

Back in April we had our first of 6 mini-camps! We spent 3 days with 4 amazing kids from the village of Tosca.  In May, we went back for our monthly language program and wow had things changed!

We printed photos for each of the kids for each of their new experiences at the camp.  They decorated photo albums for them and each one showed the photos to the group.

It was amazing to see the language that they remembered from each experience and how much joy it brought them to be able to communicate about them.

On a side note: I just came across a photo of Melkin at her first Signs of Love village program during my trip 5 years ago! Can’t wait to see where she is 5 years from now!

Also, Signs of Love’s staff relationships with each child had changed! The kids were less shy and more excited to get to come to the program. They remembered the shared experience and time that they had with each one and treasured the deepening relationships with them! So neat!

A Cacao for the teacher!

In the States teachers get apples from their students. Here in Honduras teachers get Cacao , among other yummy fruit. To eat a cacao you crack them open and there are many fleshy seeds inside.  To eat it you suck the flesh off the seed and spit them out.  If you have all the time in the world, you can dry the seeds and grind it and it makes what we know as cocoa powder and chocolate! (We haven’t done that yet:))

Etsy Store

…is up and running!

Have you ever wanted a unique gift that made a difference in the life of not only the receiver of the gift but someone else as well?

Here’s your chance!

Now you can purchase a handmade mosaic cross or “I love you” in sign language made by a Honduran deaf person who is working for a better life as an artist! Order online and it will be shipped right to your house!

Click on the photo above to see the current selection and check back later as more will continue to be posted as well as handmade jewelry later in the year!