Tosca Mini Camp Follow-up

Back in April we had our first of 6 mini-camps! We spent 3 days with 4 amazing kids from the village of Tosca.  In May, we went back for our monthly language program and wow had things changed!

We printed photos for each of the kids for each of their new experiences at the camp.  They decorated photo albums for them and each one showed the photos to the group.

It was amazing to see the language that they remembered from each experience and how much joy it brought them to be able to communicate about them.

On a side note: I just came across a photo of Melkin at her first Signs of Love village program during my trip 5 years ago! Can’t wait to see where she is 5 years from now!

Also, Signs of Love’s staff relationships with each child had changed! The kids were less shy and more excited to get to come to the program. They remembered the shared experience and time that they had with each one and treasured the deepening relationships with them! So neat!


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