Signs of Love jewelry

Vicenta practicing bracelet making.

We are starting to develop our work training program based on the skills that our deaf got to learn back in July with Links of Hope.  With the purchase of each piece of jewelry you will be supporting a marginalized deaf person to be able to provide education, food, and medicine to their family as well as make it possible for Signs of Love’s ministry to continue to teach language to the deaf in rural areas as well as grow the church.

We’d like to show you some of what we are thinking about making to find out what people like.  By voting or commenting you are NOT placing an order but rather helping us know what people might be interested in purchasing! Thanks for your help and keep an eye out for your opportunity to buy a piece of unique jewelry to support the deaf in Honduras!

UPDATE: The deaf have made necklaces and bracelets for purchase.  If you would like to purchase one check out our etsy store here.  If you are interested in hosting a jewelry party please e-mail me at: .

Each piece comes with a 20 cent Honduran pieces that is hand stamped with “Amor” and is attached to the clasp.

Ice Age 4!

Kathryn and I got to take a couple girls from the school to Ice Age 4 in 3D!

None of them had seen a 3D movie and were disappointed why it was blurry when we walked in the theater. They weren’t disappointed long as they all sat on the edge of their seats for the whole movie waiting for the next thing to pop out at them and commenting about the effects to one another.  So fun!

Leader development

We had the first meeting of our leader development/discipleship group with several students from the school.  I am so excited to get to spend some more purposeful time with these 5 students that we see so much potential as future leaders.

This group of students all go to school together but I’m excited to see them get to know one another and for us to get to know them on a deeper level! They are each so special! This was a fun “get to know” you game!



Eduin helping Jose think of the things he is good at. (Drawing is definitely one of them, look at those drawings!)

The group with their almost-completed projects. The lesson was on how they are all unique.  They filled their silhouettes with things that they are good at. During our next meeting we will add who God says they are around their silhouettes!

Nueva Armenia mini-camp

We had our third village mini-camp with the deaf from Nueva Armenia in June!

While going to the grocery store we drove by the circus setting up. We stopped to see the lions, leopards and ostriches. Lupe could barely take her eyes off the lions long enough to take this picture!:)
Kendra practicing the bible verse.
Antonia showing off her Jesus’ resurrection craft.
Gotta have one of these pictures for every camp.
Cheering for each student’s abilities! Yeah Kendra!
We had to get creative with getting the low language students to put themselves in different positions for future goals. Orlan is doing a drama with Antonia’s mask to help her thing about different “jobs” when they grow up.
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