Signs of Love jewelry

Vicenta practicing bracelet making.

We are starting to develop our work training program based on the skills that our deaf got to learn back in July with Links of Hope.  With the purchase of each piece of jewelry you will be supporting a marginalized deaf person to be able to provide education, food, and medicine to their family as well as make it possible for Signs of Love’s ministry to continue to teach language to the deaf in rural areas as well as grow the church.

We’d like to show you some of what we are thinking about making to find out what people like.  By voting or commenting you are NOT placing an order but rather helping us know what people might be interested in purchasing! Thanks for your help and keep an eye out for your opportunity to buy a piece of unique jewelry to support the deaf in Honduras!

UPDATE: The deaf have made necklaces and bracelets for purchase.  If you would like to purchase one check out our etsy store here.  If you are interested in hosting a jewelry party please e-mail me at: .

Each piece comes with a 20 cent Honduran pieces that is hand stamped with “Amor” and is attached to the clasp.


One thought on “Signs of Love jewelry

  1. Ithink they are very pretty and unique. I have examples of other Art from the International Folk Art Festival in Sante Fe for you when you get here. Judy

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