Zamora mini-camp

We recently had our mini-camp for the kids in the village of Zamora.  Each village is so different and so each camp we have is a whole new experience.  This group of kids is the largest of them all with 13 kids in attendance.  For the most part they have been a part of Signs of Love’s language programs for years and the all can communicate pretty well in sign.  There were also 2 students that have been added to the program in the last 6 months so it was great for them to be around so much sign language for the 3 days.  I think the theme of this camp was new experiences.

First time on an escalator. We had a back up of people as each kids carefully jumped on:)

First time to swim in salt water. After jumping in with eyes and mouth opened, one described the burning and taste “like the white stuff you sprinkle on food.”

These 3 were quite the threesome! Here they’re learning 3 of the 12 truths bible lesson.

Showing off their completed silhouettes.

A full table at art time!

Such a fun, large group!

Check our more photos here.

Special thanks to Liz and Brooks Allen for their hearts of service and loving on these kids so well! We couldn’t have done it without you all!


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