Technology…even in Honduras

While teaching in the States I had no idea how blessed we were with the available technology to use with children with special needs or the deaf.  From SMART boards to communication devices to access to children’s stories and the Bible in ASL, I loved finding new technology to use with my students.

We are always working to only incorporate things that are sustainable and practical to the people and culture we are working in… things that if we were to leave, the Honduran staff could (and would:)) continue to use and apply.  But I can’t help but love the ipod touch! (And I do plan to teach the staff to continue to update and use this piece of technology:))


After teaching vocabulary for emotions, students played this free app! I changed the vocabulary to spanish for the staff to read the word and the students pick from 4 different photos to identify the emotion. (Other simple and cheap apps we use here.)

P1010625Nancy uses the ipod touch to show a video on the days of creation.


Also, with the Kindle App I can put the Jesus Storybook Bible on the ipod and when we have down time in the car or waiting for another student we can teach bible stories.

So fun!