August was a busy month filled mostly with preparing for and hosting our annual camp for over 100 people! It was an amazing gift from God to be a part of it!

We also got to celebrate birthdays and got to know a special family that God unexpectedly put in our path!

If you get a chance, we hope you will check out some of the short stories from camp of how your prayers made a difference in the precious lives of the deaf we serve here in Honduras. (Signs Of Love)

Please keep praying for the attendants of camp that God would use it as a spring board of life change and love in their lives!

We are so grateful for each of you!

Sign Languages and Bible Translation (reposted from Wycliffe)

There are over 30 million Deaf people in the world. Most of them do not have a mother tongue, because their parents are hearing. The do not use a spoken language but a signed one. More than 200 sign languages have been confirmed, and there could be more than 400 in total.

Why translate the Bible into sign languages? Why can’t Deaf people justread it?
First, it’s not their language. For most Deaf people, sign language is the first language they learnt and the language of their heart.

Second, many Deaf are illiterate. This is partly due to poor literacy in many countries, but also because reading can be more difficult: letters correspond to sounds, sounds that most Deaf people have never heard. Each combination of letters has to be memorised separately, and reading is more like looking at a list of phone numbers than words — not exactly something that clearly speaks to your heart!

Third, the grammars of sign languages are very different from those of spoken languages.

Despite this plain need for sign language Bible translation, no sign language has a complete Bible: in fact, there is only one whole sign language New Testament, in American Sign Language.

What does a sign language Bible look like?
Sign language Bible portions can be produced in many different forms. These include videos, animations, sign writing and line drawings.

Are there many Deaf Christians?
There is a big need for Bible translation among Deaf communities: only 1-2% of Deaf people are Christian, which means that Deaf communities are some of the least reached in the world. Without the ability to access God’s word in a language they truly understand, how can they come to know God?


God Made Me . God Loves Me . God Cares for Me .

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by Robin Harter
My eyes welled up with tears…more than once.  Could this be real?  Was I really seeing what I thought I was seeing?  Sometimes when we see love in action, there’s just no way to describe it.  It’s something that is so rich and so real that it can only be felt, not explained.  Even though I was engulfed in a sea of brokenness, I have never experienced such wholeness, such healing, such transparency, such love…all around me! This was camp. Our 13th Annual Deaf Camp. The theme; God Made Me .  God Loves Me .  God Cares for Me  .
When we talked about having camp this year, I asked the staff if they even wanted to attempt this massive endeavor knowing how shorthanded we were, and knowing how each of them already had overwhelming amounts of work.  I got a resounding, “Yes!” As time drew near, we only experienced more letdowns and in the face of disappointment we knew to keep our eyes focused on the Dream Maker (Psalm20&37:4).   The saying that goes, “God will never give you more than you can handle,” is just NOT true.  You see, God always desires to give us more than we can handle, BUT He will never give us more than what Jesus can handle.   Over the past month, it came to be quite entertaining to see how Jesus was going to come through for us time-and-time again when we knew we were in way over our heads!   It was in those moments that He would show up & show-off!  He lavished His love on us in numerous ways that included giving us the best of the best to help with camp.
Everything was orchestrated perfectly…for the first time in our 13 years of having camp, we officially started an hour early!  The Signs of Love staff and volunteers had energy, smiles, and hugs that never ran out.  No one got sick.  The dramas and teachings were presented magnificently.  The food was phenomenal and endless. The crafts were adored and cherished. The games were challenging, new, and FUN.  EVERYONE was fascinated with the breakout sessions. These precious ones learned like never before.  They paid attention like never before.  They loved one another like never before.  Those children with advanced language helped the newer ones (and the ones that are a little slow) like never before.  Their focus on the sermon was felt like never before.  And ohhhhhhh, the best part………they PRAYED like never before.  They asked for prayer for salvation, healing (of many sorts and very serious situations), forgiveness, forgiving others, wanting to go deeper with Christ, and we prayed for them like never before!

Usually when camp is over, we feel it. There’s closure. We breathe a deep sigh of relief and gratitude, and it’s finished until the following year.  What we had this year was different.  It was a culmination of the past 12 years…all the lives that have invested into our camps over the years, and all the expertise that has helped us facilitate them over the years…it was all rolled over into this year, and so when camp was over, we breathed a deep sigh of relief and gratitude, and realized it has just begun.  You see, God showed up & showed-off…the it of camp was ignited in many hearts, and what was cultivated over those 3 days (and past 12 years) will never end…it is only going to grow and flourish, and be grafted into eternity.
I really was seeing what I thought I was seeing: an inexplicable Love. A Love that can be heard by all.

‘Twas the Night before Camp


‘Twas the night before camp, and our team was a meeting,

Each person shared their dream, not fully knowing the meaning.

The bins were all packed, full of drama, fun, and art.

But God had His own plans, plans for His glory and set apart.

When we each shared our dream for camp that Thursday evening, each team member seemed to have a dream completely unrelated from another, other than we were all hoping they would come true at camp over the next three days.  They seemed like scattered puzzle pieces from different puzzles that had gotten mixed together, after all we only knew the whole team just a week before!

We each shared a fairly “realistic dream”, I was just hoping to make it through without anyone having to go to the hospital. Others had dreams of unity among the campers and others that each would hear God say their name.  But God had even bigger dreams for us, bigger plans to display His glory!

I always hear it said, “God will never give you more than you can handle.”  I completely disagree.  Just a month out from camp it seemed like we had been given a task to complete way bigger than we could make happen.  I think it’s more accurate to say, “God will never give you more than HE can handle.” (John 15:4-5, 1 John 4:16)  Because that is really the only way that anything big ever happens is when we step out of it and let Him do his work in and through us.  And that’s exactly what happened.  God began to take those seemingly random puzzle pieces of dreams and assemble them.  You know, starting with the corners pieces first, then the boarder, and then finally, and perfectly, filling in each detail, each relationship, each moment, each of our dreams.  He had already laid it out, way before we even began to think of camp.  When it was complete, each of our dreams carefully fit with each other, it all made sense when we let Him fill in the rest and so much more beautiful!

Dream and dream BIG…and when those big dreams seem to only be possible through a miracle, expect miracles!

(More photos here!)