Give the Gift of a Story

Storytelling is a huge part of Deaf culture!  We are giving you the opportunity to give the gift of a story!

We are hoping to purchase 12 Illistrated Bibles.  These Bibles beautifully depict the major Bible stories with minimal printed words in a way that is easy to understand and very visual.  We currently uses these Bibles for deaf church, discipleship groups, village programs, and more and would like to be able to give away 12 more to participants in these programs.  The publisher has agreed to give them to us at half price!  So that brings the cost to $10 each!


In addition, we have carefully selected various children’s books that tell a great story but more importantly teach important character qualities such as cooperation, patience, seeing things from another’s point of view, inner beauty, thriving in difficult circumstances, God’s love for them as individuals, ect.  Each used book that we would like to purchase and take with us back to Honduras in October averages about $8 a book.  These stories have the potential to impact more than 80 deaf people!



If you are interested in donating a book to Signs of Love that teaches biblical character qualities or an Illustrated Bible please click here to donate $8 or $10 on-line.  Here is a list of the books we are hoping to by as well as a link to the Illustrated Bibles if you want to check them out!

Don’t wait! We need to order the books by October 1st to ensure that we get them in time to take back to Honduras with us!

Thanks for considering giving the gift of a story, and not just any story, but stories of truth and the Word of God!


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