Giving Thanks


…for unexpected things this year!
ThanksgivingWith hearts full of love for the people we got to spend it with and for those we are missing and remembering!




The laughter had dissipated, the sink piled high with dirty dishes, sprinkles covered the counters and ribbon lay scattered on the floor.  This was the scene after the older students from the local school got together to make something special for each of the deaf in the villages!  Six dozen banana bread cupcakes, 350 cookies, and 70 handmade cards later they were finished!

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What a special treat for the Christmas village programs this month!

Believing God

Sometimes, I end up teaching or preaching on things that God is teaching me in my own life…this is one of those times!

If we are really honest with ourselves we could all say that oftentimes we don’t believe God.  It’s not that we don’t believe IN God, we do, but our actions and thoughts don’t show that we BELIEVE God to be who He says He is, that He will do what He says he will do or, more often for me, that I am who he says I am.

Maybe I’m alone in this but oftentimes, I do not live in such a way that show that I believe the truth given to me, that I am  blessed, chosen, adopted, favored, redeemed, and forgiven or that God is FOR me, just to name a few.

And because of that we, like the Egyptians, cannot fully enter the Promise Lands that God has promised us. (Hebrews 3:15-19)

Beth Moore writes, “Beginning to believe I was who God said I was had a profound influence on life between the ditches for me. For years I lived in a cycle of poor self-image followed by poor choices feeding a poorer self-image and even poorer choices. I became a Christian as a child, so don’t bother trying to reason that my poor self-image was due to my unredeemed or ignorant state. Untrue. My continued poor self-image was directly due to believing my feelings and my past’s prediction over my future rather than God’s Word.”

If we believed, with our whole heart, mind and soul, that we are dearly loved by God right now, then I think how we live would dramatically change.  With that dramatic change in us, His Kingdom would advance more that we can imagine, that would result in changing the world!

With this in mind we wanted to encourage our students that:

God is who he says he is.

“Over and over in Scripture, when God was about to move in the lives of His people or instruct them to reposition, He began with a reminder of who He was.” (B.M)

He can do what he says he can do.

“God can do what He says He can do precisely because He is who He says He is. Most of the biblical titles for God inseparably connect who He is to what He can do. For instance: as Savior, He saves; as Deliverer, He delivers; as Redeemer, He redeems; as Master, He assumes authority; as Bread of Life, He provides; and as Almighty, He exerts divine strength.” (B.M.)

They are who he says they are. 

“In love I am blessed, chosen, adopted, favored, redeemed, and forgiven. Your soul is not the only one that needs to hear them. Keep these truths on the tip of your tongue so you can spit them at the accuser the next time you sense his condemnation (Rev. 12:10–11). The enemy knows that you and I will be too handicapped to live in consistent victory until we actively believe we are who, and what, God says we are.” (B.M)

We dream about how lives can be changed if each person we serve could believe with all that they are that Jesus loves them.  What a difference it could make in the lives of these “forgotten”, “unloved”, “cursed” children.  To be known, loved, and blessed!

We took the the primary love language of many of our students, gifts, and remembering what a simple bracelet can mean, we had hundreds of reminder bracelets printed with the words “Jesus me ama <3” (Jesus loves me.)

A physical representation of a spiritual reality!

A physical representation of a spiritual reality!


We hope to incorporate a mini-lesson on God’s overwhelming love for them at each program, teaching them to claim who they are in Christ, to resist the lies of the Enemy, to accept the love that Jesus freely gives, and to share the love with their communities!

This month’s mini-lesson involved Nancy, one of our deaf leaders, modifying the book “The Boy and the Ocean” by Max Lucado that beautifully illustrates that God’s love is a big as the ocean!





The first program of the month was just a 5 minute walk to the ocean, so we took a “field trip” to be reminded just how big the ocean is, and to get just a small taste of how big his love is, though we could never fully understand this side of eternity.


In response to the question, "Is God small?" Josue in the village of Siempre Viva signs this, "He's bigger than my arms will go!"

In response to the question, “Is God small?” Josue in the village of Siempre Viva signs this, “He’s bigger than my arms will go!”

The illustrations are captivating, especially to Marcelino!

The illustrations are captivating, especially to Marcelino! May His love captivate their hearts!

Please join with me in praying that each of the deaf here in Honduras would love Jesus more and more because of the love that he first lavished (and continues to lavish) on them!

All quotes from Beth Moore’s book “Believing God”.

October 2013

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We were glad to get back to Honduras after some time in the States!  In October, we got to make several special house visits with some of our deaf and their families.  The last week of school for the year was last week and we enjoyed taking the younger students to a “zoo” to see some familiar and not so familiar animals up close!  We were blessed with several visitors as well as time together with our whole team! Thank you for your support and prayers throughout the month!