Their Story, Our Story

Ana is the girl on the back in the middle. Her brother, Yesmine, is to her left.

Ana is the girl on the back in the middle. Her brother, Yesmine, is to her left.

Ana and her brother Yesmine have been part of Signs of Love’s programs for as long as they can remember.  They were much smaller the first time “the Lady with the Big Red Hair” showed up at their house inviting them to join a gathering of other deaf students just like themselves.  It has been years that they have been attending Signs of Love’s annual camp and they have gathered month after month with the other deaf in the surrounding communities.

As a result, they are both fluent in LESHO (Honduran Sign Language) and as a result of that they are activelly learning God’s story of radical love and redemption for them as told throughout the Old and New Testament.

It’s interesting to think, though, how they have been learning of God’s love story for them from the moment God sent SofL to find them…it was for love that “the Lady with the Big Red Hair” sought them out in their isolated home.

It was for love that the deaf leaders of SofL pursued them month after month, year after year.

It was for love that they learned language and found community among other deaf.

It is for love that Ana and Yesmine are now seeking out new deaf in their community. (They have found 4 pictured above in the past 2 months!)

It is for love that they visit their homes regularly throughout the month to give them the same opportunities of language and community and love that they were offered.

Their story is also a strangely familiar one of how God pursues each of his children, each of us.  Of how in our isolation HE comes for us! Month after month year after year, lost in our sin, HE pursues us! Woos us with HIS special language of love and invites us into community with other children of God!  And then…HE invites us to join HIM in showing this relentless pursuit of love to others!