June Summary

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Thank you for your support during the month of June!
Some highlights…
LEFT: the 14th annual Signs of Love camp. We had 107 campers for 3 days learning about “Strong Love”. Please pray that each would grow in living out this theme. TOP: Moskitia camp with 7 precious deaf that live in very remote places. Their life stories are hard but it was truly a blessing to get to bring a smile to their faces, even just for a day. May the love of Jesus resonate in their lives in the coming days! BOTTOM: A reminder of how “worth it” each child is! No matter how “difficult” or broken or stubborn we are God goes to great lengths for us to see his love and we pray that this little boy saw it too! RIGHT MIDDLE: Daniel teaching math at our “homeschool”. We are almost done with 5th grade! So proud of the hard work these young adults have put into it! MIDDLE: We have had 3 lovely ladies volunteering with us over the past month. We are incredibly grateful for their time, expertise, and love that they have lavished on SofL!


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