Mini camp in La Moskitia

Last year, Orlan and Jessie took a week long trip to La Moskitia, Honduras, a remote marshland of Honduras that requires a plane to get there.  Our goal last year was to relocate (after more than 7 years since the last SofL visit) and connect with the deaf in several villages.  It was an eye opening trip filled with new cultural experiences, new languages, new forms of transportation, and new hardships for the deaf we met. It left me wondering what could be done to help so many deaf that were in such a hard to reach place.  Each one of them have been in my prayers over the past year.  We were super excited to get to take a small group of Hondurans and North Americans for a mini camp to encourage, love on and share the hope of Jesus with.  Processed with Moldiv

Bottom left moving clockwise: We took our team of 8 on a small plane for about an hour and a half before landing on the dirt run way in Puerto Lempira.

Our team releasing our “love hearts” over the lagoon after the day of loving on the precious deaf. Praying God will continue to show up in their lives, lavishing His love on them.

Daniel helping the hearing sibling of a deaf girl with a craft project.

Nancy and Orlan did a great job teaching with very basic signs and gestures. It was fun to see the various new gestures that the deaf there used.  In this photo, we celebrated the many talents each deaf person had as a way of encouraging self-esteem. 

Rosie’s smile was contagious! What a precious soul!
Processed with MoldivLeft moving clockwise: Part of the team set out on foot to invite everyone in the town we landed in to the program the following day. Robin and I took a boat (the main form of transportation there) across the lagoon to visit several deaf there and invite them.

Last year when we met Athenia we had to chase her around the orphanage she cleans trying to get just a few seconds to visit with her.  The team reported similar experiences the day before as well.  We were a little surprise to see her come on her own and once she warmed up, boy was she a hoot! 

Bexy was a quick learner and enjoyed having part of her family learning sign language as well.

Robin sharing the most important story of all with a precious deaf lady across the lagoon.  You might recognize Jose in the background.  He was in my class in La Ceiba my first year here because of the generosity of another missionary to provide for him to come a learn.  Now he is back in his home town in La Moskitia and we pray that Jose would follow hard after Jesus despite the lack of a deaf church or deaf peers to live in community with. 


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