Give a Bible.. in their own Language…for the 1st time!

After nearly 2 years of work, we are in the final stages of editing 44 Bible stories in LESHO (Honduran Sign Language).  Each story starts with the bible references, has the story simply signed in Honduran Sign Language and then has a short video depicting the story (an added visual element with those with low language). We are so so so very excited to be able to distribute these DVDs to those in the villages and the city that have computers or DVD players! It will be the first time they have access to the Bible in their language!!

(Check out one of the stories, minus the video clipping, here.)

We would like to invite you to participate in giving this amazing gift! Each copy of the Bible in LESHO on 2 DVDs will cost about $3.50 each and we hope to make 75 sets! That means we are looking to partner with you all to raise $263.

001 invite (1)

For a NON-tax deductible gift toward this project give via Paypal here.

For a deductible donation mail a check here:

Signs of Love

1227 Apple Valley Road #281

Apple Valley, CA 92308

(Makes checks out to “Signs of Love” and put “100P” in the memo to give towards this project.)

Thank you for considering partnering with us on this unique project!


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