When the local school for special needs students closed the classroom for the deaf students it was devastating! They lost their community, their ability to communicate with others in their own language, their ability to advance academically and to get their 6th grade certificate (similar to graduating high school in the States) which often equates to a job here.  We were introduced to a governmental program partnering with USAID that allows people over the age of 13 to be able to earn their degrees at half the time and with flexible schedule.  We committed to a year which would get 5 students through 5th and 6th grade and with a diploma to hopefully have better job opportunities.  As we progressed throughout the year learning Honduran history, agriculture, health, math ect it was always on the forefront of our minds that it wasn’t just about learning from the books. That’s how it all is here at Signs of Love — so many means to just one goal, sharing the passionate love of Christ! Each morning we started with prayer, we watched the “Bible” DVD at lunch and each day ended with a Bible lesson and hang out time with our incredible deaf staff and time to be counseled.  Each day was another opportunity to share Jesus with these 5 students but not only through the teachings but through the joy in the smiles, the patience during a frustrating lesson, the conversations about life that came up in the social studies lessons and the love in the hours spent after class encouraging them as the studied for their exams. We are grateful to have such special moments with these young adults. Pray with us that they would take not only the lessons on math and agriculture into their life, careers, and families but the lessons of love, joy, service and patience!


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