Gathering of Believers




Signs of Love has been working in the village of Zamora for almost 15 years.  Most of the deaf were very small when Robin began visiting them in their homes, teaching sign language, and about the love of Jesus.  It has been an honor to watch them grow these past 4 years into amazing young men and women (almost all between the ages of 15 and 24). By the grace of God, most of them are able to communicate well in sign and want to know Jesus! Just last month they started meeting together outside of their monthly time with Signs of Love, New Testament style to pray for one another, provide for the needs of one another, study the Word and worship together, all in sign language! Please pray for this group of believers as they grow together and encourage one another in the word and in obedience and love for Jesus!IMG_4390Top: Franklin leading closing prayer with Nancy. Middle left: discussing when to meet again. Middle right: Praising God for his work in their lives. Bottom left: A candle lit at the beginning and blown out at the end signifying the “set apartness” of that place and time to worship God.  Bottom middle: They created a prayer journal where they draw picture of things they are praying for and praise God when they are answered. Bottom right: Carlos and Ana leading communion Honduran style, with coca-cola and sweet bread.



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