February 2015 hightlights



Top left: Rainy season is coming to an end so this makes doing language/Bible programs outside a lot dryer! In this photo Orlan (SofL staff), is teaching 3 of our youngest students the death of Jesus with the help of 2 of our deaf youth volunteers.

2nd: After years of trying Orlan finally got his drivers licenses. The law states that a deaf person can drive here if they are wearing hearing aids (regardless of if they actually help them or not) but the police are so corrupt that every time they have gone in they have torn up his paperwork and sent him out the door.  We finally found favor in another city with the help of a new friend! This is one step closer to making SofL Honduras more independent. 

3rd: We baptized another person in the new deaf church in Zamora.  It was “cold” and rainy and the river pretty dirty but Armando was absolutely convinced he would be baptized that day in that river!

Bottom: We had our first short-term volunteer of 2015 in February.  For Bob’s last day we spent it in fellowship with some of our leaders and youth volunteers on a hike to a beautiful waterfall.

Right: Valentine’s Day is more about love and friendship than romance here in Honduras.  I had a sweet time remembering God’s love for us and the love we have as friends with these sweet girls during the bible study that week!

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