Clown Car-Church Van

Church in Honduras is different than the States in many ways.

One of which is transportation.

Most people don’t own any form of transportation other than a bicycle (which they are very skilled at getting the whole family on) so most church have some form of a bus that drives around to each neighborhood and picks everyone up and then drops them all off afterward. We have gown the past few months that this particular Sunday we packed the van full TWICE before we got everyone to church! We pray more importantly that their hearts grow deeper as the church grows wider!

Mini-Camp #2- Nueva Armenia


This group is on the lower spectrum of expressive language, but very much reminded that the Holy Spirit in each of them is not “limited or delayed” even if their ears and language may be.

Some of the revelations that were fun to see them understand: “God never takes His eyes off me, I mean that much to Him!”, “I can’t “sing” or play an instrument but I can worship Jesus in many other ways”, “The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave is in me”.

And the last was without words but the face of the 50 year old man with no more than 20 words in his vocab that spends all his days on the ocean, hand weaving his own fishing nets and making his own net weights from old car battery acid was in absolute awe of a Man than could help his friends catch so many big fish while watching “The Bible” DVDs before bedtime.

Memory Verses in Honduran Sign Language

We are always looking for ways to use technology to reach the deaf in remote places between our visits. Here is the first, of hopefully many, memory verses we are excited to share with the those that have access to Facebook on their phones in the villages.

We believe that God’s word is active and has great power in our lives and we are excited to see God’s work as He displays his power in our lives through his Word!
Want to memorize scripture with us? Check back monthly for a new verse in LESHO!

Mother’s Day

We greatly missed getting to celebrate with our families back in the States but were grateful to get to Skype with our moms and were celebrating all that they are to us!


We also celebrated the moms in our church family in La Ceiba with a special blessing and cupcakes this morning! With such a young congregation, we are grateful for these “older” women that can teach, mentor and love on those that don’t get that at home.

Happy, Sad, Mad

11169641_10153042934418551_3200794984509375696_o (1)Learning emotion vocabulary will help these kiddos process events later in life and learn how actions affects them and others. These three are the smallest in our village programs but they definitely don’t have small personalities! So fun!