God cares about our cows! God cares about us!

We were on our way out of a village from picking up Carlos for the program when we came across a group of cows wandering on the road. This was not an unusual occurrence in Honduras but these cows weren’t just any cows, they were Carlos’! They had escaped and were headed for the main road with large trucks! He quickly jumped out of the van and began herding them back towards his village. It was neat to see him in his element. He debated what to do: take care of the family livelihood or go to the Signs of Love program. Thankfully he was able to find a man to help herd them away from the road so he could come with us!
After the program was over it was pouring down rain and we asked what he was going to do with his cows. With a big grin on his face he signed “I’ll go look all over for them ’till I find them and herd them back home!” He had such a positive attitude about it! So as we were turning off the main road we said a quick prayer asking for God to help him find his cows quickly so he could get home out of the rain. As soon as we came around the corner there were his COWS! We all signed a quick “Thank you God” for showing up in such a tangible way in the life of this faithful servant. Carlos jumped out of the van, Bible tied tightly in a plastic bag, and began herding his cows home with a quick ILY good-buy to us!


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