Lost are found!

IMG_7915 11696482_10153218437403551_2404186107753224710_o

Some of you may remember meeting Nayeli in 2011 when Signs of Love first found her at age 7. Since then Nayeli has been part of our programs and camps. Nayeli tasted the sweetness of community, language, and unconditional love during her 2.5 years with SofL and then her family moved to a village nearly 3 hours away without a single other deaf person. No one that understood her language, no one to teach her the things of God.
We prayed for her and listed her on our prayer wall for over a year and a half until finally we were able to get in contact with her and she was able to come to camp! It was amazing to see how much she had grown and matured emotionally and spiritually during this time away and how much sign language she still remembered! Needless to say camp was a beautiful time for her to reunite with her deaf friends and to have 3 days of intense teaching through the Holy Spirit that will sustain her. She even put a rock in our answered prayers jar with her name on it celebrating God faithfulness in her life while she was away and bringing her back to us!!


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