Here’s something grand that we’re grateful for: this young man’s first time praying in front of others. We pray that as you begin to prepare your hearts for Thanksgiving you recognize the countless marvelous ways He’s involved in your life. Remember…love can be heard by all.11875171_10153282849603551_2013213856316659982_o

Organizational Changes

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We wanted to let you know of some organizational changes with Signs of Love.

We have been appointed under a larger missions organization called Missions Door. Click on the photo above to see our complete profile on their website.

These changes are for the purpose of providing more structure and long term support to the missionaries that serve long term with Signs of Love.

Our day in and day out work will not change at all nor will the purposes and goals of Signs of Love!

It will only really make a difference in how we receive our funding.

If you are wanting to make an end of the year donation to our ministry please be sure and check out our updated “Partner with us!” page as things have changed!

We appreciate you all continuing to stick with us through these past 5 years and we look forward to see how God continues to use us, Signs of Love, and this new partnership with Missions Door to further His Kingdom!

The Deaf church in Zamora had their final exam for a 10 month course they have been taking on the 12 Basic Truths of Christianity. This group of deaf is pretty incredible for so many ways but one of my favorite is how they support one another. Banessa, seen in the video, has only been part of our programs for 3 years, compared to the rest of the group that had been together for 10+ years. Sign language is still somewhat new to her but this group was sure that she too would pass her exam and they spent extra time practicing with her! Look what a phenomenal job she did and how encouraging everyone was when she was done!

God doesn’t overlook anyone


Here’s proof:
15 years ago we found ourselves in a quaint city gathering the deaf because of some missionaries who were serving there. They abruptly left and we never returned (a 5+ hour drive). We’ve never forgotten about these precious ones. A few months ago, Matthew contacts us because he’s passionate about the deaf. He’s living in this same quaint city, and has current plans to be there several more years. He’s wanting to mobilize ministry amongst the deaf! He spent the last few weeks with us learning LESHO & other things to do with what we do. One day we went scouting for deaf people in a village close to us. Long in short, someone in this village knew of deaf people in Matthew’s quaint city! How incredible that God never overlooks any of us, and CARES. This photo was taken at The Deaf Church as they were praying Matthew off. We’re grateful for God’s passion so clearly evidenced in his life!