November 2015


Top left going clockwise: 

Amanda (pictured) was my assistant in the deaf class at school back in 2011. She taught me most of the Honduran Sign Language I know and much about deaf culture here and we spent all day together. The past 3 years she has been a stay at home mom with her sweet little boy so the opportunities I have to serve with her are less frequent. This month we got to teach a group of deaf that showed up at a bible study for hearing girls on the topic of Identity. She is an amazing leader in this country and I am grateful for all that she continues to teach me.

We finished up and packaged many new styles of jewelry that our women are making to send back to the States for Christmas craft shows! If you are interested in purchasing a gift with a purpose the Etsy link is here.

Aneth is one of our newest Honduran volunteers and she just accepted Jesus a few weeks ago!! She is a strong woman and already is learning so much about Jesus and is going to bring about great change in this country for His kingdom. I have had the privilege of spending many long hours just talking about the Bible and Christ’s unconditional love and freedom!

Noe is our great communicator! He figures out a way to talk about Jesus and the Bible with whomever he comes across whether they are deaf or hearing, Honduran or North American! We are excited to see what God has in store for him as he continues to build mentor relationships with our deaf young men!

Daniel celebrated his 30th birthday on the 27th! It was done in true Honduran style with raw egg and flour on his head! Thank you to those of you that send birthday cards. Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated!

The deaf church that was started a year ago this month completed our curriculum covering the 12 basic truths of Christianity.  They all worked hard and helped one another study and 9 of them passed the final exam and received a certificate! Pray for them as they stand up for what is right and bring light into their communities!

Marvin, one of our deaf leaders and I playing with 2 of our youngest deaf students. I love deaf laughter because it is so real and uninhibited!


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