Lost & Found


“L” (left) knows what it’s like to be LOST and then FOUND. She knows what it’s like to not have a way to communicate, no community that is deaf like her and to have never heard the hope of Jesus, LOST!

Because of Signs of Love that has been in her life the last 3 years, she also knows the joy of learning a signed language, being able to converse with friends like her and to clearly understand how much Jesus loves her, FOUND! So it’s not so strange that she would take such joy in bringing another deaf person into “FOUNDness.”

“L” gracefully walked from her house to get into our van as usual and then nearly exploded in clear sign language, “There’s a new deaf girl that lives right around the corner now!” “Show us where,” we replied!
Off we went to sweet 15-year-old “D’s” house (picture on the right), no sign language, no friends, no understanding of a relentless Saviors pursuit of her heart….until today, when she was FOUND!

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