Holy Week


The population of our city triples during Holy Week. The beaches and rivers are packed with people who have a week vacation. But Friday begins the special memorial. Different groups from around the city create “carpets” out of colored sawdust down the main street in various shapes related to Christ and his death. In the evening begins a processional led by “stations of the cross” on wheels as everyone follows behind across the carpets as they sings hymns and pray about the significance of day.12909424_10153763071128551_130563999878942245_o

Going to the river on Easter Sunday had long been a tradition for the deaf church in La Ceiba. Because of the excessive rain on Monday, the river flooded the banks and over the rivers. Even after 5 days of no rain there were still no banks to have our church celebration. So we brought everyone to the office not sure exactly what we were going to come up with that would compare with getting to go to the river.

It ended up being one of the best Easters celebrations any of them can remember. Orlan made the bible stories come to life, we shared in communion with a new cup that one of our volunteers (Rachel!) hand made for us, worshiped the risen Christ, had the best water fight ever with just a hose, a few buckets and a ball, and just laughed and laughed TOGETHER!

Prayer Warriors for our Beloveds

We still have some deaf that do not have committed personal prayer warriors! If you are interested in joining this army warrioring for this special group of deaf in Honduras, send me an e-mail and I will send you a name, a photo, and add you to our “Prayer Warrior” e-mail list. Thank you for partnering with us to cover all of our beloveds in this unique and powerful way!


Did you hear!?

…we found our youngest deaf yet at just 2 and a half years old?! He came to his first program last week and loved it! He learned the signs for “eat”, “more” and “drink” and more importantly his mother saw how to teach her son language, something that doesn’t come as naturally for parents of deaf children. She also saw how loved and cared for her son is in the eyes of God, something she will most likely not be told from her community as he grows.

Through prayer God knit together the hearts of the Oaks Team and the Signs of Love team before they even landed in Hondurans! Thank you Jesus that You saw fit to unite our teams together right from the beginning!

Oaks Counseling Team

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 4.42.49 PM

What a privilege it was to partner with Oaks Counseling team of 7 professionals this past week! Each day was full of exceptional teachings, profound devotionals, and practical application to help us better love our beloveds towards healing! A huge thank you to each of you for your teaching us how to love by loving us so well! Check out the photos on the “Oaks Counseling” link above!

Over the river and through the woods…


…for 3 hours, to Nayeli’s house we went! Many of you remember sweet little Nayeli when Signs of Love first found her 6 years ago and what a quick learner she was! A few years ago, her family was called to move to a small village to plant the first church there, far away from any of our programs. Their family made many sacrifices regarding comfort and easy of living, being far from family, ect but they will be the first to say that one of the greatest sacrifices was that Nayeli no longer had a close community of deaf. Needless to say she was thrilled at our surprise visit! We are grateful that although we don’t get to regularly see her, she has a family that deeply cares for her, is living on mission to share Jesus with others and that the God is always revealing His truth to Nayeli.


Jesus is alive…so I pray,


This is one of the leaders in the Deaf church. She begins nearly every prayer with, “Father in Heaven, Jesus is alive forever, and so I pray…”
What an incredible example of setting our hearts and minds on a life encompassing truth first, and then all other things will flow from that. If we remember that Jesus is alive and sitting on the throne, then anything that comes our way each day is much more manageable and we can glorify Him through our responses to the hardships in life!

Pray for the Deaf

This week Pioneer Bible Translators’s Daily Pray Guide is focuses on the Deaf around the world. Please join us in praying for the Deaf and Bible translation in signed languages in these ways (click on the image below for a list for each day of the week).

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