Over the river and through the woods…


…for 3 hours, to Nayeli’s house we went! Many of you remember sweet little Nayeli when Signs of Love first found her 6 years ago and what a quick learner she was! A few years ago, her family was called to move to a small village to plant the first church there, far away from any of our programs. Their family made many sacrifices regarding comfort and easy of living, being far from family, ect but they will be the first to say that one of the greatest sacrifices was that Nayeli no longer had a close community of deaf. Needless to say she was thrilled at our surprise visit! We are grateful that although we don’t get to regularly see her, she has a family that deeply cares for her, is living on mission to share Jesus with others and that the God is always revealing His truth to Nayeli.


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