New community

This has been a week of reconnecting (see post from earlier this week)!
This little guy was part of our newest village programs but live miles and miles from the other deaf in the area. We were sad to find out he had moved last month, but this time we still had contact!

When we called the grandfather lamented over the fact that his grandson could no longer come to learn with us as they now lived in a small obscure village nearly 3 hours away from their old home. Come to find out, he had moved within a mile of a young deaf man that is part of one of our longest standing programs that is now it’s own deaf church!

When we pulled up to his new house, the huge smile that covered his face seemed to say “How did you find me way out here?, I thought I would never see you again!” He got to attend his first deaf church meeting this week and watching him look up to 16 other deaf that have language and know who Jesus is was inspiring to know that he now has so many amazing deaf role models and teachers in his village! The church literally took him by the hand, showed him how to pray, how to worship, in his own language! God is in the details and God cares deeply about His children!

She’s back!

The life of Hondurans is very fluid and things are always changing. People move, phones are stolen and it’s easily to suddenly loose touch with one of our beloved deaf. It’s a beautiful thing when God works out the details for us to be reunited again! Fun to hear stories her mother told of her first experiences with Signs of Love over 11 years ago when she was just 4 years old! She never lost the language and now she has been brought back into community!



This is chocolate! ….well not yet but it will be!
The cacao fruit is a pod that contains these seeds with a white pulp surrounding them. After the pulp is removed these seeds are laid in the sun to dry like this. It is then ground into a powder that we know as cocoa powder!13166021_10153870207823551_579487441079523582_n