2 Tim. 2:22

During a break time at a recent sign language program in a rural village in Honduras, a young man that has been part of Signs of Love’s programs for many years now picks up a Bible and teaches another young man that we found just a year ago the story of Moses in Egypt!

Met His Prayer Buddy


“I have this deaf Honduran boy’s picture in my room and have been praying for him everyday [since January]. It was such a joy and privilege to finally get to meet him and sign to him that I’ve been praying for him. He’s such a smart little dude.” (Chris, a camp volunteer)

Chris is on our Advocacy Team through our sending church and it was so special to have him here serving with us!


Perfect Parent

“You’ll never be a perfect parent,
but you need to be a praying parent.” – Mark Batterson
Any parents out there know this far too well!
Before camp, the first part of this quote was this young mom’s only reality.
During camp, the Lord impressed on her the second part in a way that will be life changing for her sweet daughter. She learned about the incredible responsibility and opportunity she has to bless her daughter through prayer14067750_10154148281128551_3235586852195039807_o