Meet Eduin & Marvin!

They are Christian. They are Deaf. They are Honduran. What a privilege it’s been for Signs of Love to be in these young men’s lives since they were little boys. Because of Signs of Love, they’ve grown up with language and a constant drenching of God’s Truth. These young men are stellar examples of what it looks like to be a man after God’s own heart. We are blessed.


Meet Vicenta!

She’s got a beautiful heart, and always makes us smile. She’s Christian, Honduran, Deaf, and learning to become a warrior for Christ! We met her when she was just a little girl, and what an honor it’s been to be part of her life all these years. She faithfully volunteers with Signs of Love, and we look forward to all the grand things God has prepared for her!14379976_10154239454283551_1244492971587354183_o