Christmas Wish Came True


Wilson, like many boys, loves vehicles! “Bicycle”, “motorcycle”, and “car” were some of his first words to learn in sign language and he points all of them out on his ride to the program each month!

One year after we found him we gave him a toy dump-truck for his birthday. He was turning 8 years old and it was the first birthday present he had ever received! Needless to day he was ecstatic and had hours of fun moving the dirt in his yard from one side to the other in his new dump-truck.

While driving to take him back to his house after the Christmas program this year we passed a grader smoothing out the dirt roads. He excitedly signed “truck, truck, truck” as he craned his neck to get every last sight of the huge pice of machinery.

As we passed commented how fun it would be for him to get to sit on one! Then said, well…why not ask now! Orlan to pull the van over and hooped out to ask the man if he would take part in allowing Wilson a special Christmas wish. With a confused look on his face he obliged and we hoisted Wilson up to him. After a look of uncertainty left his face, a look of great joy covered his face as he admired the view he had from so high up and all the buttons and gears!

When he got down we asked him what he just got to do and with so much excitement he could hardly form the signs he said “drive drive drive!” and run off as fast as his little feet could cary him back to the van to tell everyone about his monster-truck sized adventure!