Deaf Camp 2017

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for all that God did during camp this year! A special thanks to those of you that financially supported and prayed us through! Enjoy!

When the student becomes the teacher and is challenged by the same behaviors that they did when they were a student themselves! It’s so fun to see those we taught when they were little growing up and teaching with great skill, patience, joy and compassion other deaf! Camp was full of that this year!


It was a joy to see how much these two young adults have grown in leading and teaching others during camp. They both took on much more responsibility at camp with the dramas and games and shone brightly doing it!


Another camp favorite:
“Jessie crowned camp queen for her 10 years of stellar service to Signs of Love! Her legacy is grand, and we’re grateful beyond words for His best given to all of us through His most beautiful servant, Jessie Fox!” (Robin Harter)


Check it out! Our camp photographer’s short video from his time with us. We love Michael and Alicia, and are so grateful for their partnership with us! LIFE.IS.BEAUTIFUL.AT.CAMP.