Thank God for Language


New years and birthdays seem to cause a sense of reflection in us all. While in the van on the way home from a village in January, several deaf started talking about how long they had been part of Signs of Love. For some it had been ever since they were 5 years old for others just the past couple years. They each shared stories of the first time the met Robin with her bouncy curls and memorable personality full of love, a time when they didn’t even know their own name, when they didn’t have language. Again for some of them that was just a few short years ago with most of their life, language-less, others had the opportunity to learn sign language from a (relatively) “young” age.

Carrying over a tradition we have in the deaf church in the city, we had begun teaching gratitude in the program where everyone took turns saying one thing they were thankful for. For some it was the sun after many days of rain, for others time with family over the holidays, and for others that we were able to have a program after all the protests.

Back in the van, they started talking about what it would have been like to have never learned language. One of exclaimed, “Thank God for sign language!” And another, “Thank God for Signs of Love.”