Why Signs of Love? Max!


It’s for the Maximilianos of this world why we’re here as a Signs of Love family.  Maximiliano (Max) was introduced to us several years back.  We were thrilled to meet him, as he was advanced in years, and had no language.  He embraced our Signs of Love family, as we embraced him.  He eagerly wanted to get to know us, and all the information that was flowing from our hands.  He absorbed this new language we got to bring to him every month, and even more, absorbed our message of Love. Over time, his understanding of this Great Love deepened, and he was compelled to became a follower of The Way, and be baptized all in the same day! Max became very sick, and as we watched him deteriorate, we knew his end would really be his beginning. On January 21, 2018, Max went Home. Our Signs of Love family was able to attend his burial, and testify to the glorious breadth of this man’s life.  In this world, reality is a life like Max’s isn’t given much value. What an honor it is to be value bearers: to be examples in these communities of the Truth that these lives are priceless, and SEEN by God.  We’re grateful to be the ones who get to introduce the Maximilianos of this world to language & Love. We’re grateful to be the ones who get to walk alongside them through this journey called life, to be the ones surrounding their burial site, grieving their absence, and rejoicing in their triumphant eternity.

(written by Robin Harter)