More Beautiful

After reading Genesis 1 with Eliza’s family, I asked, “What can we learn about God from this story?” After a few seconds of thinking they chimed in, “He created everything and it is good.” “He made lots of different kinds of each thing, not just one type.” “He made people and said they were very good.”
Next I asked, “What can we learn about people from this story?” “That God made us.” “That whenever we see something beautiful like that flower,” she pointed to the one her deaf sister had just picked during her retelling of the 7 days of creation, “we can remember that God calls us MORE beautiful.”31124567_10155926419468551_6381140968749400064_n.jpg


At the beginning of 2017 each of the core servants at Signs of Love chose 4 people they wanted to intentionally disciple that year. Vicenta (pictured on the left) chose 3 young woman all from the same village and one teen from her city. Diani (center) was one of those women that Vicenta would spend extra time with at the program each month and would pray for every day. The picture they are pointing to was her prayer reminder that she carried in her purse with her everyday for over a year. Their relationship grew throughout 2017 and as Yenny (pictured on the right) began to grow in her understanding of the command to make disciples, they began thinking together how they could spend more time with these women. They planned and prepared and last week they went! They spent the night with Diani, teaching and praying and shining light to her family and then found their way to 2 other women in a nearby village to encourage and teach and pray with. We love getting to see others catch the spark and carry it on to others 2 Timothy 2:2 style!

This young deaf Honduran man is using his talents in woodworking to build some yard games for our upcoming annual camp! It’s gonna be a blast and it’s gonna be life changing! YOU can get involved too! Go to and scroll down to “Deaf Camp”!


Read the instructions!


The large group was split into guys and gals. The guys went first and were instructed, “You decide how to build an airplane with the given Legos in 4 minutes.” At first confident, they quickly began stumbled around the tiny pieces trying to make sense of how to arrange them to even remotely make something that resembled an airplane. The results: not stunning to say the least!

The girls went next. Before they started I whipped out the instruction manual that came with the Lego kit on how to build a lion or airplane and gave them the same instructions. The guys griped and groaned that it wasn’t fair and that I was giving the girls an advantage and it would be so much easier for them!
Sure enough the smaller group of girls completed a perfectly formed airplane complete with a cockpit and propellers.

We discussed how often we think we know what is best for ourselves or others without even considering or ignoring the instruction manual written by the Creator of everything! Sometimes the Bible can feel confusing or burdensome but when we trust the Author of our lives, He is faithful to come through as a good Father that knows best for His beloved children!

The silhouettes of hands…

…were flying in the doorway during a rainy day. Two deaf brothers had contacted us and traveled 2 hours to our closest program to learn sign language for the first time. They had their own home signs between themselves and their hearing sister, but this was the first time they were learning to communicate in a common language with others. Of utmost importance to learn first, their names! Deaf who didn’t know their own names several years earlier were now showing these newbies how to fingerspell their names and giving them their unique name sign.