Read the instructions!


The large group was split into guys and gals. The guys went first and were instructed, “You decide how to build an airplane with the given Legos in 4 minutes.” At first confident, they quickly began stumbled around the tiny pieces trying to make sense of how to arrange them to even remotely make something that resembled an airplane. The results: not stunning to say the least!

The girls went next. Before they started I whipped out the instruction manual that came with the Lego kit on how to build a lion or airplane and gave them the same instructions. The guys griped and groaned that it wasn’t fair and that I was giving the girls an advantage and it would be so much easier for them!
Sure enough the smaller group of girls completed a perfectly formed airplane complete with a cockpit and propellers.

We discussed how often we think we know what is best for ourselves or others without even considering or ignoring the instruction manual written by the Creator of everything! Sometimes the Bible can feel confusing or burdensome but when we trust the Author of our lives, He is faithful to come through as a good Father that knows best for His beloved children!


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